+ 2 hour session in Charlotte, North Carolina or via video call with Cheyenne Schultz

+ (2) 1 hour follow up sessions one month following initial session 

+ Regular check-ins via email in between sessions to provide support, encouragement and accountability


My coaching program is for professional photographers and other creative small business owners who are needing to take hold of the overwhelm in their businesses, develop priorities and find direction, receive a little bit of accountability and get an overall kick in the pants to get out there and make the things they want to make happen, happen.


Prior to our session date, I provide an in-depth online assessment questionnaire to assist you in determining the state of your business. It also helps me to plan for our time together, making it as personal and specific to your needs as I can. The majority of our time together will be spent discussing and answering any of your questions in three main focus areas of your choosing. Each session will end with the development of an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals. 


The focus areas discussed vary depending on each individual coaching session, as each business owner has different needs and problems that need solving, therefore, require a customized plan of attack.


Potential topics include:




Client Experience 

Industry Relationships

Building Community

Work/Life Balance

Vision Planning

Web Presence


Social Media

Portfolio Review

Shooting Technique

PosingUsing Light


Coaching Session - Package Three

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