Instagram Stories Highlights Feature


If you aren't yet using Instagram Stories "highlights" feature, you should be! "Highlights" allow you to permanently showcase your best Instagram Stories and let your audience access them whenever they'd like. This is a great and easy tool to market your business by sharing your products and services, behind the scenes, and drive traffic to your brand.


Highlight Cover Icons for Instagram Stories


Once you are ready to use this great feature, you'll want to make sure you create a "cover" for each highlight category that make them easily identifiable and in a way that aligns perfectly with your brand. 


We've created original, simple and stylish icons with both ready-to-use beautiful colors AND the option to fully customize them to your own branding colors.


What's included with your purchase:


+ Set of 52 icons - professionally designed and sized for Instagram Stories

+ Ready-to-use icons available in 25 colors (jpeg format) 

+ PSD files for complete color customization

+ Instructions for use via a PDF and video tutorial 


Icon Descriptions:


  • Airplane (examples of use: travel, explore)
  • Baby (examples of use: new baby)
  • Baby Carriage (examples of use: new baby)
  • Bible (examples of use: ministry, bible studies, faith)
  • Birthday Cake (examples of use: celebrations​, food, delicious eats, treats)
  • Bone (examples of use: pets, dog)
  • Book (examples of use: reading, recipes, education, tutorials​)
  • Bowtie (examples of use: wedding, southern tradition)
  • Box (examples of use: unboxing)
  • Bride and Groom (examples of use: wedding, engaged to be married, marriage)
  • Camera (examples of use: photography, travel)
  • Cell Phone (examples of use: social media, updates, blog)
  • Church (examples of use: ministry, bible studies, faith)
  • Coffee Cup (examples of use: "coffee talks")
  • Diamond Ring (examples of use: engaged to be married, wedding planning)
  • Envelope (examples of use: newsletter, email)
  • Droplet (examples of use: essential oils recipes, uses, tutorials)
  • Eyelashes (examples of use: makeup artists, beauty, tutorials)
  • Family (examples of use: home life, kids, lifestyle)
  • Flower (examples of use: florist, gardening)
  • Fork + Knife (examples of use: food, healthy eating)
  • Glasses (examples of use: education)
  • Hairbrush (examples of use: hair + makeup artists, tutorials)
  • Hanger (examples of use: fashion, shopping)
  • Heart (examples of use: things I love, my favorite things)
  • High Heel (examples of use: fashion, shopping, closet)
  • House (examples of use: lifestyle, interior design, family)
  • Laptop (examples of use: blog, website updates, business)
  • Lipstick (examples of use: makeup, beauty)
  • Mama + Kids (examples of use: kids, motherhood)
  • Mascara (examples of use: makeup, beauty)
  • Microphone (examples of use: Music, Podcasts)
  • Mountains (examples of use: travel, explore, adventures)
  • Pencil (examples of use: education, writing, tips, tutorials)
  • Pregnant Woman (examples of use: pregnancy)
  • Present (examples of use: celebrations, client experience)
  • Question Mark (examples of use: FAQ, Q+A)
  • Running Woman and Man (examples of use: sports, fitness, gym)
  • Scissors (examples of use: crafts, hair)
  • Shopping Cart (examples of use: for sale, shopping)
  • Speech Bubbles (examples of use: chat, blog, tips)
  • Spool (examples of use: crafts, sewing, fashion)
  • Sprout (examples of use: gardening)
  • Team (examples of use: team, workplace, office culture)
  • Thought Bubble (examples of use: chat, blog, tips)
  • Venti Cup (examples of use: "coffee talks", friends)
  • Video (examples of use: outtakes, highlights, filmmakers)
  • Wedding Cake (weddings, bakers)
  • Wedding Rings (weddings, marriage)
  • Weight (examples of use: healthy living, fitness, gym)
  • Wine Glass (examples of use: social, entertainment, friends)
  • You Tube (examples of use: YouTube clips, videos)




Please note, icons are to be used for personal and business promotional use only. Reselling, redistributing, or giving away as freebies is strictly prohibited.


Due to this being a digital product with instant download, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Highlight Cover Icons for Instagram Stories

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